Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our New Website is Coming

With our shop finally settled in from rearranging the shop and getting ready for fall, we're finally ready to get the new website launched.

Why the big deal?
We're changing who's hosting the website to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friend for all.  No run-around to try and find the color or yarn or even the shopping cart.  When we finally "push the button" to make the switch, the internet will need to catch up.  That means the site will be down for about 24 hours and so will email communications (hence, trying to push this out as far as possible).

What will change?
  • The look and feel of the site - It's been set up to have a more boutique atmosphere online!
  • Promotions and rewards are much easier to administer - That means, no more manual gift certificates, you will have the choice to have it emailed to your recipient or even a physical mailed to them!  There's also a feature that will allow us to carry over the customer rewards that we offer in store to be offered online (again, no manual calculations).
  • Some items will be available for purchase via Facebook - If we do a deal of the day or a limited time promotion, it's available to purchase right from the Facebook social store.  We can select those items and change them as frequently as possible.
  • Consignment items can be sold via Facebook or the website - Believe it or not, the previous website solution didn't allow us to list products on an "ad-hoc" basis.  So consignment items or products exclusive to Midwest Yarn couldn't be added.  That's all gonna change and it's awesome!
What will NOT change?
  • No worries, we wanted to make this transition seamless, so domain/URL ( will stay the same.
  • Email addresses will stay the same.
  • Our dedication to customer service will continue to exceed expectations. 
  • Paypal will continue to be our main payment portal.  You don't need a Paypal account and you would be able to pay by any method of payment that Paypal accepts with the same information and transaction protection that you'd get with any other secure payment system.  (We use Paypal, because they offer both customer and business protection and they also have wonderful customer service)
Other things you may notice
  • New items will "go live" much faster (because it's easier to post them)!
  • A few sections may not have any products listed yet, because we're still working on getting them functional, inventoried, or working on a good way to make them available (free patterns, books, and needles/hooks/accessories fall into that category, but we'll let you know when they're available).   
If you have any questions, make sure to send a message on Facebook (so the email doesn't get lost in cyberspace when the switch gets made) or give us a call at the shop during shop hours.


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