Thursday, April 12, 2012


They don't tell you in business school that starting your own business is overwhelming on many levels.  You worry about your own success, the success of the business, and definitely about the toll it will take if you don't immediately realize what you call success.

While I continue to do the basic parts of what I love - knitting, designing, and running a business - I'm also expanding other parts of my creativity as a way to keep my mind off of things while I wait for certain milestones to happen.  

First, I'm counting down the days to a HUGE vendor expo, featuring 135 vendors, including a number of craft retailers that will be taking place in a little over a week.  Midwest Yarn will have its own booth so that people can stop by, check out some of the stock, and meet me.

I've also made tons of stitch markers as something handmade to sell at the expo as well.  Whatever stitch markers I don't sell there, I'll be listing in my Cherished Moments shop on Etsy.  If I can find a few more vintage craft books, I'll be selling those as well (I've got a number of vintage and antique craft books that are pretty cool).

There's also only 10 days left on my Kickstarter campaign and we're only at 5% funding.  

Finally, Sock Madness is on an optional round due to the holidays, so I took this time to give Peanut all the attention he can get for Easter.  That meant seeing bunnies at The Elegant Farmer, a haircut, and Easter dinner with family (both Saturday and Sunday nights!).  He and I are also visiting my parents at their bed and breakfast this week so he can get spoiled by his Mimi for a few days as well!

There's officially no turning back now.  I get the keys to the retail space soon, which means our storage space will be emptied, our house will be rearranged (all of my personal yarn and craft stash will be heading to the shop), and I will be in full swing.  I cannot wait until this new chapter begins.  Not to mention that my 30th birthday will be happening during the first month that the shop will be opening, so I have all kinds of milestones happening.

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