Monday, June 25, 2012

Smashing little boxes...

In the wake of the USOC cease and desist letter and subsequent apology, had a thought: I hate stereotypes. In a world where we must define everything, from the name of the particles that make up the air we breathe to the ethnic categories we claim on the census, it's preferred that everyone and everything fit nice and neatly into its own little box.  Speak a hybrid of Spanish or English two equally different boxes?  Then you now speak a new language called Spanglish.

Peanut and me at the shop
Photo by Jennifer Kresse
I am not too particular about stereotypes for obvious reasons, but the main one is the fact that, because I do not fit into one box on a number of levels, I can make people uneasy (or all depends on the person).  I mean, really, as a girl I was supposed to love the color pink, love cooking and cleaning, right?  Nope!  Give me a tricked out Honda Civic and I'll be the first girl in line to race Vin Diesel in the next Fast and Furious movie, because I'd be more interested in the sleek lines of the interior than the actor's chiseled muscles (though, as far as preferences go, the muscles would be at a very very close second).  :)

So why do knitters and crocheters get the stereotype that we're all grannies, spinsters, or just plain old women with a house full of cats and nothing else to do?  I mean, when I first presented the idea to my husband that I wanted to open a yarn shop, he asked me why I wanted to be in an industry full of old ladies.  And the fact that the USOC so quickly issued (and re-issued) an apology to our community of fiber fanatics means that we have more pull than the average person may think.

Green layette
I designed and hand knit this one
This is why I do what I do.  I want to pass on this craft to people who want to learn, join our powerful community, and have fun doing something that can make the world more beautiful, one stitch at a time.

So, with a successful grand opening of the brick and mortar shop, a growing number of wonderful customers, and my design mojo back, I will keep working hard and travelling on this path.  I'm designing a few patterns now, working on getting more new items in the shop, and keeping us in the Bay View area for as long as we can.

Peanut models The Wonderful Wallaby
I wanted him to have something fun for the fall
and practiced raglan yoke at the same time!

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